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“She’s like a poppyseed muffin. She’s sweet, but she’ll fuck you up!” — Sarah Akers

“Steph Castor is a friend of mine and a fellow Columbia College goer. She is also one of the finest poets I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and seeing perform. Castor, who has been actively writing poetry ever since taking an advanced writing high school course, draws from influences such as Saul Williams, Andrea Gibson, and the Junkyard Ghost Revival. On her recordings, Castor accompanies herself with various instruments all done on a four track recorder. “I started out as a musician and didn’t want to abandon my roots, especially the acoustic ones, so I tried incorporating it. I enjoy the outcome” says Castor. The outcome is a beautiful flow of powerful lyrics laid upon melancholic chords and various experimental sounds. Recap: amazing.”— Sam McCallister, Tandem Shop Records

“One of the best writers we have ever worked with.” — Tom Gricka, Babylon Solutions